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Double Benefits

It’s time to love your body by providing the best supplements: FibreFirst! A healthy combination of fruit and vegetables, Double Benefits in one sachet:

  1. Premium fibers containing the high concentration of Psyllium Husk & Oat Fiber to detoxify and cleanse the digestive tract by pushing out the food waste (cholesterol, sugar, and toxins).
  2. Nutritious fibers that add vitamins and antioxidants to protect the body and support the body’s immune system.

Why ?

Food and Drugs Administrations (FDA) of the United States recorded that Caucasians need to meet their fiber needs by around 25 grams per day, while Asians need fiber of about 20-25 grams per day – but on average they only consumed 15 grams per day. Fiber is the nutrient in plant-based food that people need to consume because it can help food move through the digestive system and easily absorbed in the small intestine. Fiber also helps to induce our bowel movements.

The most important benefit of fiber is to detoxify. Fiber cleans the food waste that settles in the digestive tract and moves it out of the body. When the digestion is clean, the intestine can easily the absorbed nutrients, optimizing its benefit.

In addition, fiber is also useful for:

  • Enhances the digestive system
  • Helps balance blood sugar, and
  • Lowers cholesterol

Aside from fiber, our bodies also need nutrients. Nutrients is an organic substance that cannot be produced by the body so it must be obtained from food. Our bodies need nutrients to accelerate metabolic processes, body functions, and growth.

FibreFirst also supplies other ingredients, such as Spirulina and Wheatgrass that contains nutrients, as well as vitamins such as Oranges, Carrots, Spinach, Celery, and others.

Unfortunately, the food that we consume is often not nutritious enough as we need for metabolism process, for growth and for our organs to function properly. Nutritional deficiencies will make the body difficult to process food into energy.

For that reason, FiberFirst, which contains the main ingredients Psyllium Husk, features as a practical solution to meet the needs of fiber and nutrients for your body. When the levels of required nutrients are met, then the body will work optimally, boost endurance, while blood sugar and cholesterol level can be controlled. You do not have to feel guilty about eating anything, as long as you drink 1 sachet of FibreFirst before going to bed.

How Works Inside Your Body

Food Absorption Process

Begins at 12.00 – 20.00

  • High Toxin Levels

    Meals that contains saturated fat, oil, coconut milk and high cholesterol ingredients.

  • Medium Toxin Levels

    High calorie snack, fried food, sweet drink or soda.

  • Low Toxicity

    A huge amount of carbs like rice, bread or potato, a small portion of the vegetable dish, a side dish contains fat and high cholesterol risk.

Detoxification Process with FibreFirst

The detoxification process begins at 21.00 – 06.00

With regular consumption of FibreFirst at night between 20.00 – 22,000. The product can detoxify the food waste that settles in the digestive tract.

How Does Work ?

FibreFirst works with Double Benefits. For each sachet, FibreFirst contains active components that will give the benefit of detoxification.

  1. Premium Fiber
    It helps the digestion in the body, shorten the food digestion on intestines, and clean up any substances that are not needed for the body. If the fiber intake is not fulfilled then the remaining food will stay on the intestine for a long time and will harm the digestion, giving a person cholesterol risk and diabetes.
  2. Essential Nutrition Essence
    As an antioxidant, FibreFirst will boost the endurance. If you are prone to disease, it is likely that your nutritional needs have not been met, so the body will not strong enough to destroy the bacteria and virus.

When you drink FibreFirst at night, it will detoxify the digestive tract while you are sleeping. It will remove the food waste, toxins, and cholesterol, and release it in the morning. This detoxification requires a process to keep the digestive organs clean and healthy, especially, if you often consume fatty foods, fast food or soft drinks. For such reasons, you need to consume FibreFirst regularly every night to get optimal results.

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    Supports the Detoxification Process

    FibreFirst pushes out food waste and toxins that settle on the intestines.

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    Helps Control Cholesterol

    FibreFirst binds cholesterol in fatty foods and pushes it out.

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    Helps Stabilize Blood Sugar

    FibreFirst helps control blood sugar levels.

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    As the Source of Nutrients

    FibreFirst contains fiber-rich nutrients that help cleanse the body and optimize the immune system.

All the Goodness in One Sachet


Meet the fiber that your body needs every day with only for a sachet of FibreFirst. You will feel the benefits of premium fiber which aims to detoxify toxins and food waste indigestion and giving nutrients from fruit and vegetables for metabolism and optimize the organ function.

It’s time to love your body by drinking every day before bed

The Fibre

FibreFirst is a supplement product with Double Benefits containing Premium Fiber and Essential Nutrients, plus vitamins for digestion and detoxification, to improve the quality of food consumption and improve a healthy lifestyle.

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It’s time to love your body by drinking FibreFirst every day before bed!

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